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Keeping a 2-meter social distance without wearing a mask may not be an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus

Do you also have the same idea: Keeping a social distance of more than 2 meters without wearing a mask when going out is an effective anti-epidemic measure. China News Service, November 29. According to a report from the Sino-Greek Times of Greece, recently, the Department of Engineering of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom applied A research team led by Professor of Thermodynamics Mastorakos (Epaminondas Mastorakos) shows that during the new crown epidemic, not wearing a mask and only maintaining a social safety distance of 2 meters may not be an effective epidemic prevention measure, because the new crown virus can It is easily spread in the air. This further shows that,In epidemic prevention measures, wearing a mask is the most basic key step in epidemic prevention measures.

New research shows that when a new coronavirus carrier coughs or sneezes without wearing a mask, most of the larger droplets will land on the surface of nearby objects, but the lighter droplets will "float" in the air. Droplets from coughs and sneezes travel at different distances due to differences in speed, temperature and humidity, Professor Mastorakos believes, The vaccination of the new crown should be accelerated, and good ventilation should be maintained in a closed environment. Citizens should wear masks consciously. At the same time, people are urged to wear masks indoors and should not expose themselves to danger.

Wearing a mask is an effective preventive measure to block the transmission of respiratory secretions, can better block the spread of viruses and bacteria. Wearing a mask is not only to protect yourself from being infected by others, but also an effective measure to protect people around you when you have respiratory symptoms, and it is a way to set your own respiratory system." Filter Barriers".

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