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Buy daily masks for non-medical use, choose Kaiyi Technology

Recently, an epidemic occurred in Xi'an, China. A Shanghai tour group traveled to Xi'an, and 7 people were diagnosed. Some time ago, the epidemic in Fujian was widely spread, and people in Fujian were panicked, or even carried out cyber violence against the source of transmission. We have suffered certain losses. China has done a very good job in epidemic prevention and control, and the protective measures have been imitated by many countries. Even so, it is still impossible to completely eliminate the danger. One side is peaceful, and the other side is up again. We must not take it lightly at any time.

Epidemic prevention and control is about you, me, and others, and no one can stay out of it. To win the battle against epidemic prevention and control requires not only relevant departments to take effective prevention and control measures, but also ourselves to take protective measures in strict accordance with the requirements.

The most important thing when going out to work every day is to wear a mask. Masks have become our daily necessities. It is very important to choose a good disposable medical protective mask. Some experts pointed out that it is not necessary to use N95 masks for daily prevention and control. Disposable medical protective masks It can be dealt with.

Disposable medical protective masks are also very particular. Although the cost of masks is not high, be careful to buy inferior masks.

When purchasing a mask, we should pay attention to the characteristics of the mask in many aspects, such as whether the mask is made of meltblown cloth, the mask has non-woven fabric, and whether the fit is good. The author once stepped on the thunder when purchasing materials. , Do not buy a non-woven mask, it is not breathable when wearing it, and often feel short of breath and difficult to breathe.

When purchasing a disposable medical protective mask, you must be careful and pay attention to the way of wearing the mask, the production process of the mask, the materials used, etc., so that it is not easy to fall into the pit and protect your own safety. Many friends find it troublesome to buy a mask. There are so many things to pay attention to, or just buy it casually. Whether it is troublesome or a friend who is not at ease, you can choose Kaiyi Technology. Our masks have been tested by professional institutions. Every process meets the regulations and the testing is strict. Friends can visit our factory, we are infinitely welcome.



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