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The third shot of the new crown vaccine "booster shot

Recently, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections of the new coronavirus have appeared in many parts of the country one after another. Its repeated appearance shows that the battle against the new crown prevention and control is not over yet. According to the unified deployment of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, in order to further strengthen the immune barrier, After preliminary preparations, various localities have launched booster immunizations against the new coronavirus vaccine and provided "strengthened shots" services.

Booster shot" is the third shot of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine. At this stage, the original vaccine that has been vaccinated is used for booster immunization. The booster shot is free, and the inoculation target is for people over 18 years old. The interval between injections has been more than 6 months. For people who have completed 2 doses of inactivated vaccines, in principle, the same vaccine as the second dose of inactivated vaccine is given priority for 1 dose of booster immunization. If the second dose of the same vaccine cannot be continued In the case of supply, etc., the same vaccine as the first dose of inactivated vaccine can be used for 1 dose booster immunization; for those vaccinated with adenovirus vector, the original vaccine can be used for booster immunization.

Academician Zhong Nanshan and major experts said that the antibody level increased by 5-10 times after the second dose of the vaccine was given 6 months after the second dose, and it remained at a relatively high level after 6 months of vaccination. A number of collaborative teams led by Xie Xiaoliang and Peking University Cao Yunlong showed that 6 months after the second dose of inactivated vaccine, the neutralizing antibody titer was basically lower than the detection threshold, which means that breakthrough infection is likely to occur. During the third booster vaccine, the neutralizing antibody titer in the blood increased rapidly within 7 days, and the titer could be maintained at a high level for at least 9 months. Neutralizing antibody titers were significantly higher than the 3-month interval.

Xie Xiaoliang mentioned that the effect of the third injection at an interval of 12 months is similar to the effect of an interval of 6 or 9 months. The immune memory can also be revived within 7 days, and there is no significant difference in the peak antibody titer. Therefore, in order to effectively avoid breakthroughs Infection, if conditions permit, he suggested that the best time to inject the third injection is 6 months after the second injection.

Experts said that after vaccination, it will form antibody protection, but the ability to prevent epidemics is not 100%. It is necessary to develop good living habits in life, such asWear a mask when going out scientifically, maintain social distance, cover your sneeze, wash your hands frequently, ventilate often, and pay attention to personal hygiene, normalize healthy living.

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