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Learning administrative regulations, Kaiyi Technology is never absent

On November 18, 2021, the Dongguan City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangdong Province held a training course on the newly revised medical device supervision and management regulations than the publicity and implementation. The representative of Manager Zhou participated in this training course.

The training course focuses on the background and highlights of the revision of the new medical device supervision and management regulations. Focusing on the revision background, revision process and revision content of the new regulations, it teaches the content comparison of the old and new regulations, the principle of adding and subtracting clauses, the interpretation of key clauses, and the new regulations. The regulatory principles and concepts after the implementation of the regulations, etc.

Kai Medical TechnologySince its establishment, the company has mainly produced and operated two types of medical devices, equipped with corresponding production machinery and equipment and experimental instruments, with professional production technology and a complete quality system.Disposable medical masks, disposable flat masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masksMask products are the main products of the company. In terms of quality, all departments strictly control the quality of each process, with pioneering and innovative, quality assured, and considerate service as the quality goals; adhering to the concept of customer priority and quality first, and constantly improving and perfecting products Performance; listen to customer needs and create newer and more effective products for customers.

The management group of Kaiyi Technology has been constantly learning relevant laws and administrative regulations, following the medical device supervision and management regulations more than the relevant requirements, all kinds of product filing and certificates are complete, understand that learning new medical device supervision and management regulations is more important than regulating the development of the company's medical devices, Production, operation, use activities, strengthening quality supervision and management, and improving the overall level of the company's medical device quality and safety are of great significance.

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