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Why is it necessary to standardize the wearing of masks

1. Standardize the wearing of masks

If there is a gap between the mask and the face, when people breathe, air will flow from the gap, dust, droplets, aerosols, etc., will enter the human body with the flow of air. Therefore, soldiers and soldiers must wear masks. .When wearing a mask, open the curved part of the mask, then fix it on the face with earrings, wrap the mouth, nose and jaw completely, and then press the metal strip on the bridge of the nose with your hand to make it in close contact with the bridge of the nose. , and then adjust the airtightness of the chin. When needed, you can tie a rope behind your head, which will improve your fastening. Please keep your hands out of the way during the entire dressing process. outside of the mask.

2. Identify the pros and cons of masks

Disposable medical masks have 3 layers, the outermost is moisture-proof, the middle is filtration, and the innermost is moisture-absorbing. The moisture-absorbing layer can absorb the moisture sprayed from the mouth and nose to keep the mask dry. If you turn the mask over, inhale The air cannot be effectively absorbed, and the mask will become wet and lose its protection. When using the mask, please put the nose clip side of the mask up, and the black front side facing the outside. To judge, looking down from the position of the fold is looking outward.

3. Timely replacement of masks

Generally, disposable medical masks and medical surgical protective masks are used in limited quantities, and the cumulative use time should not exceed 8 hours; occupational contacts should wear protective masks within 4 hours. After the use period of the mask exceeds the limit, it should not be used again. Replace the protective mask immediately if: the protective mask is broken or damaged; (for example, contaminated with foreign substances such as blood or droplets); has been in an isolation ward or has been in contact with a patient, the mask is wet, odorous, breathing The resistance increases significantly, and the mask cannot fit closely with the face.

4. The wrong way to wear a mask

Pulling on the chin or arm, some people will pull the mask to the chin, exposing the nose and mouth. This method not only loses the protection of the mouth and nose, but also causes pollution to the inner layer of the mask. Increase the chance of infection. Some people will take off the mask and wear it on the arm, which is also inappropriate. During physical exercise, the mask will come into contact with objects contaminated by the virus, and at the same time, the inner layer of the mask will also be affected by dust, Bacterial infestation, when you wear it again, it is likely to be infected.

5. Do not touch the outer edge of the mask

The mask can isolate droplets, and the outside of the mask will be contaminated by touching it with hands. If you continue to touch the nostrils and eyes with dirty hands, the virus will inadvertently enter the body. When taking off the mask, use a lanyard to It is taken off and suspended in the air to avoid contact with other parts of the human body.

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