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Where is the nucleic acid test poking?

Did you do nucleic acid today?

Did you get stabbed in the throat today?

Everyone knows that nucleic acid testing is either a stab in the throat or a nose.

There are actually clear standards for the position of the nucleic acid detection poke.

1. Where exactly is the nucleic acid test?

Oropharyngeal swabs are: 2 pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall


It is precisely because the position of the poke is here, so we have to open our mouths "ah" during nucleic acid testing.


When we open our mouth "ah", the tonsils of the pharynx and the posterior wall of the pharynx will be fully exposed, so that the sampler can find the correct location, collect enough samples, and make the nucleic acid test results more accurate.

Considering that the airflow may cause the spread of the virus when opening the mouth to make a sound, so we can silently "ah".

The nasopharyngeal swab is: the bottom of the nasopharynx of the hypopharyngeal tract


This requires that the doctor or sampler must feel the "sense of hitting the wall" to stop, which is about 1\/2 of the nose tip to the earlobe.


All people who have been stabbed in the nose for nucleic acid testing should have a deep understanding. It is much more uncomfortable than doing oropharyngeal swab testing. It is too painful.

2. Why does nucleic acid testing need to poke at these positions?

This is mainly closely related to the transmission route of the new coronavirus.

The main routes of transmission of the new coronavirus are: through respiratory droplets and close contact.

Direct transmission is through the droplets produced by the patient's sneezing, coughing, expectoration, and speaking, exhaled air,

As a result, close contact with healthy people around them causes them to be directly inhaled into the airways and cause infection.

The nose and throat are the main excretion sites of respiratory secretions, and the new coronavirus is most likely to be found, so it is necessary to poke the nose and throat.

3. Why can't you use a sampling swab to dab some saliva for testing?

Experts said that there are two main reasons why saliva cannot be used for nucleic acid detection:

①In the early stage of infection, the amount of virus in the saliva is relatively small.

The virus is generally colonized in the respiratory tract and excreted with respiratory secretions. The closer it is to the throat, the more the virus will be distributed.

The saliva has less virus than the pharynx, and the sensitivity of the detection may be reduced (this reduction in sensitivity may decrease the level of 10%-20%).

②The saliva detection is not convenient to directly poke it.

The principle of nucleic acid detection is to detect the presence of the virus by amplifying the sample of the respiratory tract to identify the fluorescent model.

In layman's terms, after the sample is collected, it will be sent for testing. The saliva itself is relatively viscous and cannot be directly detected. It needs to be liquefied.

If each serving is to be liquefied, this greatly increases detection time.

Therefore, compared with the direct collection of saliva, the "pharyngeal swab" has a higher viral load, is more convenient, and is more suitable for large-scale sampling and testing.


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