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How much do you know about the wholesale of disposable masks

As far as the company knows, the disposable mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven fabric. In addition, it is breathable and suitable for various occasions, such as electronics, industry, catering, etc., and can also be used in daily life; however, this There is also a disadvantage, that is, it cannot block viruses.

Please pay attention to the following when wearing a disposable mask:

1. Disposable masks should be placed on the face and cannot be directly inhaled by the air, otherwise it will be a waste;

2. Disposable masks should be replaced in time. According to medical advice, they should be replaced every 4 hours.

I think everyone should know aboutDisposable Mask WholesaleCommon sense and buying tips. I think there are many types of masks. If you want to wholesale medical surgical masks and disposable masks wholesale, please see the following points:

Medical surgical masks are similar to disposable masks and must meet my country's drug standard YY0469-2011. Therefore, please pay attention to whether they meet this standard when purchasing.

The service life of disposable masks is 4 hours, and they must be re-worn after 4 hours. During the new crown epidemic, the wholesale number of disposable masks is limited. It is not recommended to use alcohol for disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, and washing. These methods will destroy it once It will also destroy the electrostatic absorption effect of disposable masks, so disinfection is not recommended, and it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. In addition, it is not recommended to reuse disposable masks for a long time, because the outer layer of disposable masks will It is blocked by large particles, thereby blocking the gap, and dust will block the gap between the disposable masks, thus affecting the ability of the disposable mask to absorb the new crown virus, thereby reducing the protective effect. At the same time, if the gap is blocked, it will Increase breathing resistance, thereby causing breathing disorders, therefore, long-term use of disposable masks is not recommended.

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