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Can KN95 non-medical masks protect against the new coronavirus?

Resisting the new coronavirus is mainlyKN95 non-medical mask.KN95 non-medical mask has the function of isolating droplets and coronavirus. Take the current epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia as an example, it is a respiratory infectious disease transmitted by droplets, and it is an acute infectious pneumonia. KN95 non-medical Masks can block particles with an average of 0.3 microns, and the filtering ability is also very strong, so they can isolate the new coronavirus. However, wearing masks in daily life cannot completely isolate the coronavirus.

In the extraordinary period of the new coronavirus, we need to do the following to protect our life and health.

1, wash your hands frequently

Remember to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, caring for sick people, before preparing food, before meals, after using the toilet, on your hands, and after handling animals or animal waste. You can wash your hands with alcohol or soap. Especially on farms, When in the market or in contact with other animals, you should wash your hands before and before contact, and if there are sick animals, you should try to avoid direct contact with them.

2, pay attention to coughing and sneezing

When you cough or sneeze, completely cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, sleeve or elbow, and immediately dispose of used toilet paper in an airtight trash can. Don't forget to use alcohol after you cough or sneeze And soap to clean your hands. In public, do not take off the mask at will, touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands, and do not spit casually.

3, pay attention to diet

To avoid eating wild animals, meat, eggs must be cooked first. Usually eat more fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods, which can increase the body's immunity. In daily life, pay attention to maintaining adequate sleep, not staying up late, exercise more.

4. Seek medical attention in time

If you suspect you are with a patient, a suspected patient, passing through an area with a patient, or showing signs of coronavirus infection, be sure to go to your local hospital for a checkup. Try not to take a bus when going to the hospital, and during the whole process Wear a mask and try not to have any contact with others.

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