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Discarded masks should be thrown into special trash cans

Special reminder from the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Center: Our city implements the "special bucket release, special vehicle transportation, special factory incineration" treatment mode for discarded masks, and the general public is requested to put discarded masks into special trash cans to ensure that discarded masks are harmlessly disposed of in a timely manner. Interrupt the transmission of the epidemic.


1. Placement link

Our city's household waste classification and delivery points in residential and public areas are equipped with special disposable mask delivery buckets. General healthy people need to seal the discarded masks with airtight bags or plastic bags, and then throw them into special garbage bins. When necessary, simply disinfect the discarded masks (for example: spray 75% alcohol, disinfectant), and thoroughly disinfect the discarded gloves.

2. Transportation link

During the recycling period, the sanitation department arranged for sanitation workers to drive special vehicles to collect discarded masks from various garbage dumps. Sanitation workers must wear protective clothing, disposable gloves, strict disinfection, and disinfection of items when carrying.

3. Final processing link

In terms of terminal treatment, the relevant waste incineration plants in our city have set up a special disposal channel for discarded masks, and the discarded masks are sent to the site and put into the furnace on the same day, so that the daily production is clean and harmless.

In addition, for the epidemic-related garbage in key areas, isolation points and other key areas, the city's sanitation department also strictly follows the specifications to ensure that the epidemic-related garbage is collected and transported safely and harmlessly.

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