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Do your medical masks really meet the epidemic prevention standards?

Consumption risk reminder: Medical masks are divided into three categories: disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks The registration of masks belongs to the second-level category. Up to now, the state has approved the registration of 762 domestic medical protective masks, 2489 domestic medical surgical masks, and 3219 domestic disposable masks. Assure.

At present, the so-called "antibacterial and antiviral" non-medical masks on the market are added with various antibacterial agents by blending, spraying, etc. The main components are nano-2 titanium oxide, nano-silver, quaternary ammonium salt, copper ion\/copper oxide. , Chinese herbal extracts, etc. Conduct a comprehensive investigation and inspection on the safety and effectiveness of such products.

From a safety point of view, the long-term inhalation hazard caused by the release of the antimicrobial drug from the mask should be considered;

In terms of efficacy, whether the addition of antibacterial agents will affect the filtering effect of masks, and the bacteriostatic effect of bacteriostatic agents will also be confirmed.

In the case of such masks whose clinical efficacy has not been fully confirmed, the addition of antibiotics will bring new dangers. At present, in the pre-market evaluation of such products, due to the low risk-benefit ratio of long-term continuous use, there is currently no Obvious clinical application value. The State Council has issued and continuously updated technical guidelines for the selection and use of protective masks for different groups of people on the joint prevention and control mechanism of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Consumers are advised to scientifically select the appropriate mask type according to the guidance of these guidelines.

Some people will ask: Can you buy printed and dyed face masks? The official answer is: Only these 5 kinds of masks can prevent diseases. At present, there are many printed and dyed masks on the market that are widely praised by customers. However, some people have also raised questions. This printing Does the mask really have the effect of preventing disease? The relevant quality of dyeing and printing has also been regulated in detail. The color fastness of the inner and outer layers of the mask must reach grade 3 or above to avoid the pigment falling on the skin on the face. Dyeing and printing Location, non-decomposable aromatic amine dyes. The most important thing to determine whether a mask has anti-epidemic effect is to look at the following codes! The outer packaging of standard masks should be marked with the implementation of the standard code. There are only 5 kinds of codes that truly meet the epidemic prevention standards. :


Not everyone says they are "medical masks". All masks have protective effects. Do the protective masks you use meet the requirements for epidemic prevention? Go and see!

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