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What to do with used masks

Masks used by ordinary people, because the risk is low, are directly thrown into the trash can. For people with symptoms such as fever, cough, sputum, sneezing, or people who have been in contact with such people, the first choice is to throw the mask into the medical treatment The yellow special trash can of the institution is classified, transferred, and disposed of according to the medical waste by a specialized cleaning and transportation agency. You can also throw the mask into the trash can first, and then use 5% 84 disinfectant to sprinkle it on the mask at a ratio of 1:99 to be processed.

Use period of medical masks

Medical masks can only be used once per person and should be discarded after wearing them for half a day. If N95 masks have been worn for a long time, they should also be replaced every day. These masks cannot be used twice. Once worn, they should also be replaced.

When taking off the mask, do not touch the contaminated surface in front of the mask, hold the strap with your hands to discard the mask.

Generally, disposable masks can be thrown away directly. If it is a disposable mask, it may be exposed to infectious germs or viruses, so it is best to throw it into the yellow "medical waste" trash can.

Is it good or bad to have a breathing valve?

Because doctors and patients wearing masks cannot guarantee that they are healthy and virus-free (infectious during the incubation period), and the airflow of masks with exhalation valves is only one-way protection, which cannot cut off the transmission route very well. From the perspective of epidemic control , Two-way protection is the most correct way, so such masks are not recommended.

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