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Disposable virus sampling tube

Disposable virus sampling tube products can be used for

Collection and transfer storage of clinical new coronavirus, influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, measles and other virus specimens.


It has the following very significant features:

1. Safety: Contains the efficacy of virus inactivator to ensure no risk of leakage and infection.

2. Functionality: Inactivate the virus while protecting the activity of viral RNA and protein, which can be used for viral nucleic acid detection, antigen detection, IgM, IgG antibody detection.

3. Usefulness: Equipped with a special virus sampling flocking swab, the sampling amount of virus samples is as high as 95% (more than 3 times higher than ordinary cotton swabs).

4. Stability: can be stored at 2-25 degrees Celsius, easy to transport and mail.

5. Versatility: Suitable for new coronavirus, influenza, HPV, hand, foot and mouth disease, measles and other viruses.

The company's self-designed and produced Kaibolang brand single-use virus sampling tubes include sample sampling tubes and disposable sampling swabs.


The sample sampling tube consists of a preservation tube and a preservation solution. The preservation solution is divided into:

A inactivated type: It is a colorless and transparent liquid, suitable for all kinds of viruses, including new coronavirus, influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus, rubella virus, etc. It uses high concentration of guanidine salt to quickly inactivate the virus , save it to make the sample lose its infectivity. The inactivated sample can be matched with the corresponding new coronavirus RNA extraction kit, M32\/M96 nucleic acid extractor, etc. to quickly extract viral nucleic acid, and at the same time with the new coronavirus PCR detection kit Realize rapid detection without affecting specificity and sensitivity. Applicable kit methods: fluorescent PCR method, combined probe-anchored polymerization sequencing method, constant temperature amplification chip method, magnetic particle chemiluminescence method, colloidal gold method.

B non-inactivated type: non-inactivated virus preservation solution: the ingredients are Hanks liquid base, gentamicin, fungal antibiotics, BSA(V), cryoprotectant, biological buffer and amino acid, etc. Antibacterial and antifungal effects; as a protein stabilizer, bovine serum albumin (BSA) can form a protective film on the protein shell of the virus, making it difficult to decompose and ensuring the integrity of the virus; the neutrality constructed by Hanks buffer environment, which helps to increase the survival time and infection stability of the virus.

The body and cap of the sample sampling tube are made of polypropylene, which is resistant to static extrusion and dynamic impact. The bottom is tapered design, resistant to centrifugation and shock. It contains sample preservation solution for sample preservation and prevent leakage.

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Disposable sampling swabs are flocked throat swabs,Throat swabYesHandle and absorbent cotton composition, The ultra-flexible plastic rod is ergonomically designed to optimize the efficiency of collection and improve the comfort of patients taking samples without causing harm to the human body.


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