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The importance and easy identification of meltblown cloth in masks

Meltblown cloth is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth. It mainly uses polypropylene as the main raw material. The fiber diameter can reach 15 microns. It can effectively use static electricity to absorb virus dust and droplets. This is also an important reason why masks can filter viruses. New coronavirus Wearing a mask is a very important way of personal protection. When buying a mask, pay attention to identifying the material of the mask. Meltblown cloth is the core raw material of the mask, which can effectively filter viruses, while inferior masks are ineffective for blocking viruses.

Dongguan Kaiyi TechnologyThe production of various styles of masks, disposable masks, disposable medical masks, disposable children's masks, disposable 3D masks, etc., in the selection of fabricsAdopt 3-layer protection design structure (ie SMS structure):

1. The first layer and the outer layer (S) are non-woven fabrics with waterproof treatment, which are mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient and have the effect of preventing droplets.

2. The second layer, the middle layer (M) is a melt-blown cloth treated with water electret, which can filter suspended particles of bacteria and is the most important core layer.

3. The third layer, the inner layer (S) is an ordinary non-woven fabric, mainly for the function of moisture absorption.

A good meltblown cloth looks white and opaque because it has enough weight, and it looks obviously different from the non-woven fabric of the inner and outer layers. To put it bluntly, it looks like paper. If it looks different, it is obviously thin. , that is the meltblown cloth with a small gram weight. The simple identification method of the meltblown cloth:

First, the ignition method. Meltblown cloth will melt when encountering fire, but will not burn, and paper will burn when encountering fire.

2. Electrostatic test method. The meltblown cloth has static electricity. When you tear the meltblown layer of the mask into strips, you will obviously feel the electrostatic adsorption effect, and you can also adsorb the strips of meltblown layers on the stainless steel.

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