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Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd.
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Guangdong's famous mask production base-Dongguan Kaiyi Technology

Kaiyi Technology is a professional manufacturer of masks. It is located at No. 31, Minyingyuan Road, Qinghu, Qishi Town, Dongguan City. It has professional mask production machinery and inspection equipment, solid technology and complete quality system for professional mask production. Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Company mainly produces second-class medical equipment, disposable protective masks (non-medical), disposable children's masks, KN95 masks (non-medical), etc. These are the main marketing varieties.

Based on the health industry, Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the development of the big health industry, in line with international advanced standards, advocating green service, humanistic service and quality service, and constantly pursuing technological innovation, excellent quality and perfect service.

The company's advantages: 1. High quality and safety, we pursue technological innovation, our production equipment is advanced, there are strict sample testing, to win with high quality.

2. There is quality assurance, a qualified business license, complete related production certificates, and legal compliance.

3. Scientific research technology, the company's scientific and technological strength is strong, years of shallow research and thinking, to create extraordinary quality

4. We have high-quality services to meet the various requirements put forward by the service objects, starting from the customer's point of view and interests

The staff in the mask production workshop of Kaiyi must strictly follow the rules and procedures to change the dust-proof clothing and change the clothes before working to ensure a dust-free environment and improve the quality of the mask.

The company has a strict sample testing plan. The staff will conduct sampling tests in accordance with the sample testing plan. Each step is strictly checked in accordance with the regulations to ensure that safe and high-quality products are produced and the quality of masks is guaranteed.

Choose a mask manufacturer, choose a mask production base, and choose Kaiyi Technology. Can provide customers with the mask products they want, the company's production time is fast, mask manufacturers and wholesalers choose Kaiyi Technology! ! ! !

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