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What kind of disposable medical mask meets the standard

Disposable medical masks are often seen and used in our lives. How can such masks meet the standards? There are a variety of testing indicators, and each indicator cannot be lower than its standard value to be considered qualified. Below is a brief introduction to each of its indicators

Bacteria filtration efficiency refers to the ability of a mask to filter bacteria. This is a more important indicator, usually expressed as a percentage. For this type of mask, the index needs to reach more than 90% to meet the standard. At the same time, several common bacteria such as coliform and Pseudomonas aeruginosa must not be detected. If the standard is not met, the mask will not be able to filter out bacteria, and bacteria will breed in the mask. But how is this indicator detected? Usually, a BFE detector is used, and the method of simultaneous contrast sampling with dual gas paths is used.

Ventilation resistance. According to the standard, the ventilation resistance of this type of mask is not more than 49pa/cm2; if this index is too large, the wearer will have difficulty breathing and cause discomfort. The ventilation resistance is usually related to the internal structure and internal material of the mask, but also related to the wearer's face. Therefore, it is very important to choose a mask with good protective effect and good ventilation.

Residual amount of ethylene oxide. Residual ethylene oxide is used for sterilization. The residual ethylene oxide content of disposable medical masks should not exceed 10μg/g. Ethylene oxide is a toxic carcinogen, but it does not mean that it cannot be used, as long as it is controlled within a safe range.

At the same time, the appearance, structure and size, nose clip, and mask strap are also factors to consider whether a mask meets the standard. No matter what, it is very important to buy from regular channels and find a good protective effect, comfortable to wear and suitable for your face shape.

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