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Kaiyi answers how long to wear a mask at a time

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has brought masks into a situation where demand exceeds supply. Faced with the fight against this war, masks have become a hot and sensitive word in the entire society.

As the epidemic continues to ferment, from the original disapproval, to the crazy panic buying of masks in the later stage, the situation is "hard to find". In late January, orders for N95 masks have been sold out, and all inventory has been emptied. We can also find on the e-commerce platform that the link to the mask has either stopped shipping or has been shown off the shelves, and the sales volume is generally over a thousand. We can find that every mask is hard-won, so the question is, how should a mask be worn, how long should it be worn, and what should be done after use? Kaiyi Technology will give you an answer now.

First of all, how to wear the mask, the specific steps are as follows: 1. Hold the protective mask with one hand, with the nose clip side facing away; 2. Cover the protective mask with the nose, mouth and chin, with the nose clip up close to the face; 3. Use the other hand to pull the lower strap over the top of the head and place it under the ears behind the neck; 4. Pull the upper strap to the middle of the top of the head; 5. Put the tips of your fingers on the metal nose clip, starting from the middle position , Press the nose clip inward with your finger, and move and press it to both sides to shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose bridge.

The mask should not be worn for more than four hours at a time. Expert Zong Zhiyong clearly stated: “No matter which type of mask has a lifespan, disposable medical masks are recommended to be replaced every 4 hours; medical protective masks are recommended to be used for 6 to 8 hours.”

The handling methods of masks after use are as follows: 1. In the hospital, they are generally divided into three colors of garbage bags, red, yellow, and black. The yellow bag is specially used to hold medical waste. We only need to throw the used mask into the yellow trash can. 2. For cities that do not strictly carry out garbage classification, since 75% alcohol for medical use can eliminate the new coronavirus, experts recommend that masks used at home should be disinfected with alcohol spray and then put into a bag and sealed before being discarded.

The above is the answers to the questions that Kaiyi Technology brings to everyone. Each of us is responsible for fighting the epidemic, and we should all contribute our efforts to do what we can do well.

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