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How to identify the authenticity of disposable medical protective masks?

Recently, many media broke the news that many wholesale manufacturers of disposable medical protective masks sell inferior disposable medical protective masks. A large number of people worry about buying inferior disposable medical masks. Then, how to identify the authenticity of disposable medical protective masks? ?

In fact, some regular pharmacies also sell fake disposable masks. In the formal chain pharmacy in Dongguan, many people bought disposable medical protective masks at the pharmacies, but when they went home, they found that the quality of the masks was poor and thin. After professional verification, these disposable masks are fake. The inferior quality products of the company can't play a protective role at all.

This phenomenon is everywhere in society. In order to avoid such problems, how should we effectively distinguish the authenticity of masks?

I think if you can’t clearly identify genuine and fake masks, you can choose a large, formal and authoritative pharmacy.

Buy from local pharmaceutical companies. Don’t go to small clinics or private pharmacies. Large pharmaceutical companies value their brand image. These companies have formal channels for ordering mask products, and their management system is very complete. There are almost no fake and inferior medicines, which can be trusted.

For the public, the simple identification method is to go to a large and regular pharmacy to buy disposable medical protective masks, depending on the thickness of the mask and the various signs of the mask. Pay close attention to the obvious brand logo on the packaging, indicating "disposable medical mask", introducing the use method, product introduction, and the customer service phone number, and the "manufacturing enterprise license number" and " Product technical requirement number", "product registration certificate number", etc., as well as production date, etc. The packaging is very standardized and the introduction is very detailed. If the information has clear standards printed on the mask packaging, it can basically be determined that these masks are regular of.

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