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Can disposable medical masks be heated

Disposable medical masks cannot be heated. Heating will destroy the filter layer in the mask and lose its effective filtering effect. This will reduce the effectiveness of preventing the infection of the new coronavirus, so it cannot be heated. Moreover, disposable medical masks must be single-use and cannot be reused, otherwise cross-infection is easy to occur, and they cannot be washed with water or disinfected with alcohol.

Generally, disposable medical masks should not be worn continuously for more than 4 hours. As long as the mask is deformed, contaminated or damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. At present, the novel coronavirus epidemic has been relatively stable, but we still cannot relax our vigilance. People outside of the country must wear masks when they go to crowded public places to avoid accidents.

Wear disposable medical masks correctly:
1. The darker color is the front, and the front should face outwards
2. The side of the face should be the medical mask, that is, the side with a lighter color
3. After distinguishing the front, back, upper and lower ends of the mask, clean your hands first and confirm whether the mask is correct, then wear it
4. In the next step, after putting on the mask, press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands, and use the upper end of the mask to close the bridge of the nose to cover the nose and mouth.

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