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Non-medical certificate of daily use masks and precautions for packaging

A while ago, the freight forwarding circle set off a wave of various regulations on mask export; because masks are related to human safety, these problems cannot be underestimated.

Recently, the customs has strengthened its non-medical inspection of daily-use masks, focusing on the inspection of the inner and outer packaging, appearance, production date, shelf life and qualification certificates of the products to prevent the three non-products and counterfeit products from entering the market and causing irreparable harm.

Product certification requirements

The non-medical certification information for daily-use masks must be complete. The contents of the inspection are as follows: mask name, specification model, implementation standard, production batch, production date, shelf life, ingredient material, upload manufacturer, production address, etc., as shown below Shown:

Daily-use masks must not have the word FDA on non-medical-standard mask products (as shown below). The standards printed on the product are two non-medical standards, but they are printed with the word FDA. Such masks will not pass the customs.

Mask packaging requirements

  1. One is the outer packaging, which cannot be bulk packaging such as transparent or frosted bags. It must have packaging that can be directly retailed.

  2. The packaging that can be used for retail is a color bag or carton that is printed with complete information and meets the specifications

  3. Then the carton and color box packaging must be printed with the words "non-medical", and must be clearly printed on the retail packaging box of the mask product.


  4. The non-medical implementation standards for daily-use masks must be non-medical standards, and the FDA and CE EN14683 marks cannot be printed on the product packaging

  5. The non-medical packaging of daily-use masks must not have the words “medical” (in both Chinese and English); for example, no signs such as “medical” or “Surgical” can appear.

  6. The packaging should not be in crude bulk. It is recommended that the retail packaging be the standard for small packaging, and the standard color packaging or standard carton should be used.

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