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The wholesale price of masks plummeted

Due to the epidemic this year, the number of masks has skyrocketed. Masks are in short supply and their prices have doubled. Many businesses have seen this tuyere and have rushed to the mask industry, buying mask processing equipment, and even forming a mask production base. Businesses who have invested in the mask industry in the early stage can indeed make a fortune.

The mask bubble economy receded, and with the stabilization of the epidemic: the wholesale price fell by up to 90%, and the meltblown cloth fell to 1/20 of the highest price. In just a few months, manufacturers who went to the mask industry found that the demand for masks began to ebb. "According to experience, the price of masks was the highest in March. The peak price is 1.6 yuan, and the profit can reach 0.3-0.5 yuan." The general manager of a mask manufacturer in Hubei said in an interview with reporters. "Subsequently, a large number of production equipment was put into operation. , Raw materials are saturated, currently we are oneMask wholesale priceBetween 0.12-0.18 yuan. "This price has fallen by 90% since the peak period, but everyone still insists on producing, because as the price of raw materials drops, there is still a small profit to make masks.

Foreign trade manager Zhang's company also entered at the hottest stage of masks. Because they spent a lot of money to do export certification, although their company's mask export price dropped from the highest value of 0.65 US dollars to 0.17-0.20 US dollars, the order Still stable. At present, domestic anti-epidemic materials are sufficient, the mask industry is gradually turning cold, and the export of masks is still relatively prosperous. However, conversion of production has become an "important lesson" mentioned by many companies on their agenda.

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