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What mask should I choose to wear?

The sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia has made masks our daily necessities, and we lack the concept of masks. During the epidemic, what kind of masks should we use for ordinary people?

I think we must first understand the environment we are in. Is it a front-line worker in the hospital system or ordinary people?

1. Frontline medical staff

Frontline medical staff, face to face with the source of pneumonia infection, please use medical protective masks that meet the national standard GB19083-2010. The outer packaging of this type of mask has the words “sterilized” or “sterile”. After ethylene oxide sterilization, its epoxy

The residual amount of ethane should not exceed 10 μg/g. When medical staff use it, after facing a patient with pneumonia, please change a mask to take care of the health of the medical staff.

2. General hospital staff

For general hospital workers, it is recommended to use medical surgical masks.

3. Ordinary people

In general, like our ordinary people, it is recommended to use "disposable medical masks" and medical surgical masks. The level of protection of medical masks: medical protective mask> medical surgical mask> disposable medical mouth

cover. In the medical field, there are three types of masks: disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks. The corresponding standards and usage environment are compared as follows:

The corresponding standards are: YY/T0969-2013 disposable medical masks, YY 0469-2011 medical surgical masks, GB19083-2010 medical protective masks technical requirements.

Through the above comparison, we will find:

1. Medical protective mask> medical surgical mask> disposable medical mask.

2. In addition to meeting the basic medical conditions, medical protective masks are equivalent to the filtering effect resistance and other technical requirements in GB2626-2006, so its ideal appearance should be a "N95 mask" folded or stand


3. The hemodialysis conditions of surgical masks are very demanding among the three masks. Because it is used in an environment such as clinical surgery, which mainly protects the safety of medical staff, it has strict requirements on hemodialysis/wetting performance. once

Sexual medical masks can be simply understood as ordinary masks used in hospitals.

4. For domestic manufacturers of meltblown filter materials, you can refer to the above comparison. For disposable medical masks, the filter material can meet the standard if the filter material reaches BFE95~99%; medical surgical masks must meet the criteria of hemodialysis.

To PFE99 level and above; medical protective masks and filter materials must reach N95 level and above.

5. It is related to the health of the people and the personal safety of medical staff. I hope that more knowledge will be spread, so that more medical staff will understand, more users will understand, the filter manufacturer will refer to it, and conscientiously produce qualified coils and masks.

The factory chooses qualified filter materials with conscience. The competent authority conducts regular sampling inspections of products circulating on the market, which truly supervises and guides the healthy development of the industry.

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