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The history of mask production mask production base

The birthplace of masks is China, which means that China is the first region in the world to use masks. The mask production base started in China. Let me talk about the history of the development of masks.

In ancient times, "Li Shu" contained:"" "Mencius·Li Lou":" When Xi Zi is unclean, everyone hides their noses and passes by."In order to prevent dust and breath pollution, people in the palace began to use silk scarves to cover their mouths and noses. They thought that covering their noses with their hands or sleeves was very unhygienic and inconvenient to do other things, so some people later used a piece of silk. Bremen nose and mouth. In his book "Marco Polo's Travels", Marco Polo records his experience of living in China for seventeen years. One of them:"In the palace of the Yuan Dynasty, people who offered food all used silk cloth to cover their mouths and noses to give their breath and not touch the food."It says that the silk cloth that covers the nose and mouth is the original mask.

At the beginning of the 13th century, masks only appeared in the Chinese court. To prevent his breath from spreading to the emperor's food, the waiter used a silk and golden thread to make a mask.

At the end of the 19th century, masks began to be used in the field of medical care. German pathologist Ledersch began to advise medical staff to use gauze masks to prevent bacterial infections.

At the beginning of the 20th century, masks became a must-have for the general public. The Spanish flu that swept the world killed about 50 million people, and the general population was required to use masks to protect against the virus.

In the middle and late 20th century, the number of large-scale use of masks was obviously frequent. In the historical pandemics, masks have played an important role in preventing and blocking the spread of germs several times.

In March 1897, the German Midach introduced a method of covering the nose and mouth with gauze to prevent the invasion of bacteria. Later, someone made a six-layer gauze mask, sewed it on the collar, and turned it over to cover the nose and mouth. However, this kind of mask has to be held down by hand, which is extremely inconvenient. Later, someone came up with a way to tie the ears with a strap, which has become a mask that people often use today.

In 1910, when the plague broke out in Harbin, my country, Dr. Wu Liande, then deputy supervisor of the Beiyang Army Medical College, invented the&"Wu's mask GG" in his mask production base.

In 2003, the use and popularization of masks reached a new climax. A&"SARS GG" almost made the masks out of stock for a time. There were long lines in front of major pharmacies and people rushed to buy masks.

In 2009, following the 2004&"Avian Influenza GG",&"H1N1 Influenza GG" made the mask army once again appear in front of the cameras of major news media around the world.

The emergence of the concept of PM2.5 air hazards in 2013 triggered the public's attention to air pollution, resulting in more production of mask production bases, and masks and other protective products are very popular during haze weather.

On February 7, 2020, in the Disinfection Supply Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, more than 30 medical staff and volunteers used medical packaging non-woven fabrics, absorbent paper for equipment, N95 meltblown filter cloth and other materials to make masks.

Masks are one of the great inventions of mankind. They can effectively block viruses, prevent dust and skin, prevent particles, smog, dust, and droplets... For example, the new type of coronavirus, reasonable selection and use of masks can effectively prevent Viral infection.

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