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The main points of choosing and using disposable medical masks

1. How to choose a qualified disposable medical mask.

Medical institutions should understand the technical requirements and related knowledge of masks used in hospitals.

(1) Learn the technical requirements of various medical masks and the product standards of disposable medical masks: Require distributors to produce various types of medical mask implementation standards and third-party inspection departments in accordance with the relevant technical requirements of the implemented standards to produce inspection reports, and verify the relevant Whether the technical indicators can meet the standards and requirements.

(2) Inspection and purchase of the logo on the cover packaging: according to the standard requirements, the following logos should be on the large, medium and small packages: product name, specification model, production batch number, expiration date, production company license number, executive standard number, medical treatment Device registration number, product description and warning sentences, product trademarks, production company name, address, telephone number, zip code, etc., should understand the environmental conditions of the mask production base before purchasing.

(3) Comply with the corresponding legal and regulatory documents: When purchasing disposable medical protective masks, you should understand the relevant laws and regulatory documents for medical products in the corresponding region, and you should purchase enterprises with production enterprise licenses, product registration certificates, and implementation standard document numbers. For medical-grade masks produced, you should obtain and check whether the relevant certificates are consistent with the marks on the outer packaging of the purchased inlet.

2. Kaiyi Technology reminds you what you should pay attention to when handing out masks

(1) Carefully check the integrity of the packaging: When distributing masks, you must carefully check the integrity of the packaging, whether the inside and outside of the packaging are clean, and whether there are signs of being opened.

(2) Distribute corresponding masks according to the environment of use: such as medical treatment sites should be issued disposable medical protective masks; invasive operations, body cavity puncture operations, nursing patients with low immune function should be issued disposable medical surgical masks; exposure to droplets Persons who spread infectious diseases should wear non-medical masks that meet KN95.

3. Three major issues that users need to pay attention to

(1) Master the types of medical masks: You should understand how many types of medical masks are used in medical activities and what kind of masks should be worn under what circumstances. For example, disposable medical protective masks should be worn in diagnosis and treatment activities, disposable medical surgical masks should be worn in the operating room, and KN95 non-medical masks should be worn in the respiratory infectious ward.

(2) Check when wearing a mask: check the mark on the package before wearing it; open the package to check whether the appearance is clean, the shape is intact, whether there is any damage, stains, odor, etc.; whether there are allergic reactions after use. If the above problems are found, they should be reported to the purchasing department in time.

(3) Wear masks correctly: The selected mask should be suitable for the user. People who use a certain type of mask for the first time should conduct a suitability check to determine whether the mask is suitable for them, whether it covers the user's nose, mouth and chin, and nose clips The part is close to the face upwards, whether it fits closely with the user's face. Unsuitable masks should not be worn, otherwise the expected protective effect will not be achieved.

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