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Disposable mask with three layers of protection 20 pieces

Disposable mask with three layers of protection 20 pieces

Three-layer protection 20 pieces of professional protection with meltblown layer to isolate external pollution. Disposable protective masks. Disposable protective masks are welded by using high-quality fiber on the inner and outer layers. Particles etc. visible...

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Three-layer protection 20 pieces

Professional protection with melt blown layer to isolate external pollution

Disposable protective mask

The inner and outer layers of the disposable protective mask are welded with two layers of high-quality fiber non-woven fabric and the middle layer of filter meltblown cloth, which can effectively block visible particles such as particles, block PM2.5 and block droplets, and have a good effect on insulating wind and dust. It is comfortable and breathable to wear and easy to carry.

This paragraphNon-medical disposable protective masksDisposable protective mask with three-layer fold design, 360 breathing space, not sultry, good air permeability, widened ear straps, comfortable to wear and tight ears. Plastic and adjustable nose bridge, more comfortable to wear.

Kaiyi Technology has a specialized mask production base and advanced mask processing equipment. The meltblown cloth produced has high density and good filtering effect, and can produce high-quality mask products. Based on the quality, the company's products can withstand comparison with peers, so as to protect everyone's health.

Product parameter


Brand: KMProduct name: disposable protective mask
Material: inner and outer non-woven fabric/Validity period: 2 years in a sterile environment
Filter layer meltblown clothScope of application: daily protection non-medical

Disposable protective mask

Melt blown cloth has high density and good filtering effect

Disposable protective mask

3D tailoring

Designed according to the curve of human face, strong fit

Disposable protective mask

Portable and hygienic

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Disposable protective mask


Three-layer fold design of disposable protective mask 360 breathing space

Disposable protective masks are plastic and adjustable nose bridge, making it more comfortable to wear

Disposable protective mask with widened ear straps, comfortable to wear without ears

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Disposable protective mask


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Disposable protective mask


20 pieces


1. Infants, young children, and the elderly, please use with caution, and people with chest tightness, shortness of breath, or abnormal breathing, please do not use

2. In case of severe air pollution such as haze, sand, etc., please replace disposable masks in time

3. This product is for one-time use. Please do not use it after expiration date. Use it with caution if you are allergic to cloth

4,After the product is used, it should be disposed of according to the requirements of the environmental protection department

5. This product shall not replace medical surgical masks or medical protective masks