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3D Trend Adult Mask

3D Trend Adult Mask

The 3D mask adopts 3 layers of protection and high-filtration and low-resistance fabrics, which can effectively prevent droplet isolation and be safer. 3D three-dimensional design modifies the face shape, breathable skin-friendly non-woven fabric, dense surface pores, light and breathable. High elastic earbands, light on the face Zero burden experience, lightweight breathable protective fabric, feel the touch of the wind, skin-friendly, refreshing and comfortable, it is a fashionable mask for traveling....

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3D three-dimensional cutting design, three-dimensional version design, modified face shape, multi-directional fit, light and breathable, breathing more freely.Breathable skin-friendly non-woven fabric with dense pores on the surface,Good ventilation and heat dissipation, It is not stuffy to wear. The fabric feels comfortable, does not irritate the facial skin, is comfortable and skin-friendly, and refuses the odor of the mask.High elastic ear straps, light and zero burden experience on the face,Lightweight breathable protective fabric, feel the windTouch, skin-friendly, refreshing and comfortable. It adopts 3 layers of protection and high-filtration and low-resistance fabrics, and the core material is melt-blown cloth, which is waterproof and leak-proof, safe and secure, effectively isolates harmful substances, and prevents droplets from being isolated more safely.

The 3D three-dimensional design leaves more breathing space, reduces the sense of oppression, and is not easy to wear makeup. It is always beautiful, and the protection is more fashionable and comfortable. In addition, this 3D mask combines many user experiences, fundamentally The product details are optimized, and it is a fashionable mask for traveling.


1, infants, the elderly, please use with caution, those with chest tightness, shortness of breath, and abnormal breathing should not use

2. In case of serious air pollution such as haze and sand layer, please replace the disposable mask in time

3. This product is for one-time use, please do not use it when it expires, and use it with caution for those who are allergic to cloth

4. After the product is used, it should be disposed of according to the requirements of the environmental protection department

5. This product cannot replace medical surgical masks or medical protective masks